When you play the Game of Code, you win or you lose — maybe not your head, but money, clients, and, potentially, your business.

Never fear! Armor is full of knights, sworn to protect client data, working hand-in-hand with the Kings of the Realm, like AWS, to ensure your infrastructure is secure from start to finish. We add human wisdom and ingenuity to real-time intelligence and insights provided by our unique tool set and Armor’s cybersecurity platform. We go beyond blowing our horns to alert you of White Walkers and, instead, take to the front lines with dragon glass, methodically identifying and remediating the threats as they enter our kingdom.

Join our battle-hardened knights for an interactive security demonstration that takes you behind enemy lines and shows you exactly how a hacker can infiltrate your system. It will be a night you won’t forget.

Our finest savory breads and pies will be served with delicious tankards of ale (or you know, local favorite foods & beer). Limited number of squires will be admitted, so register NOW to reserve your spot.

Hosted with AWS User Group New York