DALLAS– May 30, 2017 – As an increasing number of organizations migrate to public clouds, the concept of shared security responsibility which dictates the need for additional security to keep sensitive data safe has emerged to the forefront for decision makers. The Armor Global Partner Program announced today that FutureProof will join its ranks to address instance-level security on the AWS platform.

“Armor now enables us to complete a part of our offering and ensure our customers have a recommended security solutions for AWS instances,” said Geoff Davies, co-founder, FutureProof. “With extensive capabilities and a consistent track record in managed security, the simplicity of the Armor’s single-agent solution was a determining factor when selecting a security partner. We feel confident moving forward that we’ve selected the gold standard of cloud security that our customers need.”

As The First Totally Secure Cloud Company™, Armor delivers an industry leading dwell time of less than one day to its customers, 100 times shorter than the industry average. A highly-skilled security operations team (SOC) provides around the clock assistance and real-time visibility into security programs, delivering actionable threat intelligence in real time.

“We realize the capability to meet shared security standards can make or break an organization’s success utilizing the cloud,” said Jared Day, president, Armor. “Armor is dedicated to meeting this need without impeding efficiencies or productivity with a simple, straight forward solution. Partners such as FutureProof help us extend our reach on this important front that allows overwhelmed IT departments to focus resources on key business objectives as opposed to time-consuming security practices.”

For additional information regarding the Armor Global Partner program, please visit, www.armor.com/global-partner-program/.

AboutFuture Proof
FutureProof is a technology consulting company who work with large organizations to deliver effective change programs in complex environments. The company has a wide range of experience across many sectors and a highly successful track record of delivering technology solutions. For more information visit, www.madefutureproof.com                                               

About Armor
Armor is The first Totally Secure Cloud Company™ that protects customers’ vital assets and helps prevent data breaches through managed multi-layer security for public and private clouds. The Armor team also applies extensive military cyber security experience for proactive threat detection, response and remediation. Forward-thinking organizations trust Armor for data security and compliance to stay ahead of cyber threats in the cloud. To learn more, visit www.armor.com or follow @armor.

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