Armor’s signature product offering, Armor Anywhere, now has enhanced threat detection and response as part of the cloud security platform’s most ambitious update ever.

Along with available Log and Data Management capabilities, two new security capabilities—Intrusion Prevention System and Recommendation Scans—are now available.

  • The Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) scans incoming traffic, detecting and blocking potential threats and malicious activity. IPS was designed to protect against various exploit types like buffer overflow attacks, ARP spoofing, port scanning attack, as well as against viruses and other attacks.
  • With Recommendation Scans, customers can easily identify vulnerabilities and implement intrusion prevention, integrity monitoring, and log inspection rules that should be applied or removed.

“I am excited about the new additions and enhancements we have made to our threat detection and response capabilities,” said Ike Nwabah, director of product marketing at Armor. “With this launch, we have added additional security capabilities that help customers protect against threats and have enhanced our detection and response capabilities across our customers’ hybrid environments. This is significant news for our customers.”

Available Log and Data Management capabilities increase Armor Anywhere’s intake of log and event information, not only from the cloud but other third-party resources. These additional log sources can be correlated against for deeper insights into environmental threats.

For customers looking to not only detect but to also prevent risk, these enhanced capabilities provide detailed observations and operational control on levels never experienced before.

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