(Dallas, TX, July 27, 2020) Understanding that the overall health of a customer’s virtual machines is critical to properly protecting their cloud environments, Armor’s Health Overview Dashboard provides a daily overall score of the functionality of customers’ virtual systems.

Visible on the Health Overview Screen of the dashboards, four segments of information are set up as widgets and offered for customer viewing.

  • Overall Health Score: Displays an average of the Protection, Detection, and Response scores.
  • The Protection score is based on the stability of the Armor agent and related sub-agents.
  • The Detection score is based on the incoming log activity of the Armor agent and related sub-agents.
  • The Response score is based on the response time for a support ticket between customers and Armor.
  • Vulnerabilities: Displays the number of vulnerabilities, based on the information from the weekly vulnerabilities report. A vulnerability scan is taken each Sunday at 10:00 p.m., local server time.
  • Security Incidents Total: Displays the number of open or pending support tickets that are considered highly important, security-focused incidents, known as Critical Incidents.
  • Logs Parsed: Displays the number of logs received and analyzed by Armor within a 24-hour time frame.

“Armor is serious about helping our customers protect their environment. One way we do this is through the Health Overview and Score sections of Armor Management Portal,” said Ike Nwabah, director of product marketing at Armor. “We provide our customers with insight into the health of their overall environment and inform them on how to improve and enhance their protection.”

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