(Dallas, TX, June, 17, 2020) Armor Anywhere, Armor’s signature product, has undergone the most ambitious updates of its existence. Collectively, these updates allow Armor to see more, ingest more, analyze and correlate more, and block more cloud threats across customer environments.

Overall, the updated features enrich security outcomes as well as provide greater operational control and flexibility for DevOps and other operators over their security.

  • Enhanced threat detection and response, for any workload.
  • Greater operational control of security, with intrusion prevention and recommendation scans.
  • Platform and agent modularity that give Armor greater flexibility of configurations of security capabilities as well as agent choice to turn on or turn off security and compliance capabilities.
  • Recommendation scans to identify and implement intrusion prevention, integrity monitoring, and log inspection rules that should be applied or removed.
  • Log and data management with additional log resources that can be correlated against for deeper context into threats within a customer’s environment.

“We know that the more data you have, the more effective your security can be. Armor has strengthened our platform with the ability to bring in and analyze more data for our customers,” said Ike Nwabah, director of product marketing at Armor. “Not only that, we have created a truly flexible platform that unifies threat detection and response across hybrid IT environments.”

Designed for today’s security-focused customer, these enhancements provide additional value to Armor’s cloud security platform, helping to lower the total cost of ownership, reduce alerts and false positives during threat detection, and enhance productivity for operators.


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