(Dallas, TX, August 31, 2020) As the signature product of Armor’s security solutions, Armor Anywhere provides full workload protection, delivering threat detection and response and compliance for data in public, private, or hybrid cloud environments. And with tool features designed around customer need, Armor customers are fully empowered to access, view, and customize those that work best for security and compliance goals.   

Specifically, three tools—Tags, Export, and Auto-Removal—set a higher standard on productivity capabilities.    

  • Tags (found in the Tags + Notes section) can be added to a customer’s instance to improve categorization and search capabilities. Notes also can be added to help track changes and tasks related to an instance. An example of this is if a customer wants to tag instances based on departmental or team ownership, function, sensitivity, or by compliance markers if the instances are subject to any compliance frameworks.  
  • Export Usage Data allows customers to view up to one month of usage details or up to six months of summary usage by host. Customers can also view usage by hour for up to six months.   
  • With Auto-Removal, customers can easily remove virtual machines from the Armor Management Portal that are no longer communicating with Armor. For example, if you have a virtual machine tied to a project that is closed out, the auto-removal feature can remove them from the Armor Management Portal.   

“As part of our efforts to give operators—security analysts and DevOps team members—more operational control and flexibility, we continue to roll out additional features within the Armor Management Portal,” said Ike Nwabah, Armor director of product marketing. “Increased productivity and the ease in which our customers can access and customize the tools they need drive us to continue innovating and invent those that push the highest levels of visibility into their cloud environments.”   

Over 1,000 companies from small startups to the fortune 500 trust Armor’s cloud security platform – get a demo to learn more about our log and data management capabilities. 

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