(Dallas, TX, August 17, 2020) The recent launch of Armor Anywhere Agent 3.0 was the most ambitious update of Armor’s signature product, empowering customers to see more, ingest more, analyze and correlate, and block more to protect their cloud environments. With an easy-to-deploy script, customers can install Armor Anywhere Agent 3.0 and activate cloud protection in just minutes.

Once a customer has located the Armor Anywhere agent in the Armor Management Portal (AMP), they simply copy their license key, select their operating system, and install the agent. With the provided script, customers have security features at their fingertips such as intrusion protection to detect and prevent risk as well as recommendation scans, which identifies and implements intrusion prevention.

“With Armor Anywhere, users can quickly and easily turn up security protection in minutes. No need to wait days, weeks, or even months to deploy, install, and configure security,” said Ike Nwabah, director of product marketing at Armor. “Armor enables our customers to be agile and to scale their security to meet their business needs.”


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