The cybersecurity landscape is set to continue to be a fast-evolving arena during 2024 with cyber criminals set to employ a range of both new and existing tactics to exploit vulnerabilities in computer systems, networks, and organisations. 

Here are the key threats you should look out for during 2024:

  1. AI-Enhanced Cyber Attacks
    AI is rapidly advancing and is set to pose a real problem to security across the cyber realm. Empowering attackers to create increasingly convincing fake audio, video, and images, we are like to see it being used for more sophisticated, large-scale, phishing campaigns.
  2. Shift from Endpoints to Networks
    Until now, cyber-attackers have tended to focus their efforts on corrupting devices or ‘endpoints’ such as computers, mobile devices, IoT devices and servers. In 2024, whilst endpoint attacks will remain prevalent, we expect to see a notable shift in this approach with more attackers focussing on compromising networks as a whole to exploit vulnerabilities on a larger scale.
  3. Ransomware Attacks
    Ransomware attacks are a profitable business making them a favoured tool for cybercriminals. During 2024, it is expected that we will continue to see a rising number of these attacks, becoming more targeted and exorbitant in demands.
  4. Supply Chain Compromises
    By exploiting weak links in supply chains, cybercriminals are having real success in breaching large organisations through their suppliers. The interconnected nature of modern business operations amplifies the potential impact of such breaches, making them an attractive target for cyber criminals. With such attacks on the increase, it is likely that we will see a shift towards the implementation of “zero trust” architecture – cyber security checks that require verification from anyone attempting to connect to a system, regardless of whether they are inside or outside the network.
  5. Cloud Environment
    Cloud environments are a prime target for threat actors and with the use of cloud technology on the up, the likelihood of cyberattacks will be amplified during 2024. The appeal of cloud infrastructures for threat actors lies in the expansive opportunities it present, allowing them to exploit vulnerabilities beyond immediate breaches, establishing persistent access and navigating seamlessly between different segments in victim environments. The interconnected nature of these cloud environments provides threat actors with avenues for lateral movement, significantly enhancing the potential impact of their malicious activities.

To navigate the landscape of cybersecurity threats in 2024, staying ahead of cybercriminal tactics is imperative. If you’re seeking support or have concerns about your digital defences, get in touch today to learn more about how we can protect you.

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