A Day in the Life at Armor: Rafal Los

As we’ve worked our way through this series, we’ve been able to see the different ways our Armor heroes step up and support our clients on a daily basis. Furthermore, we’ve learned there’s much more to cybersecurity than what meets the eye. Beyond the monitoring and engineering, our team members are also meeting with clients and partners, understanding their needs, keeping up with industry trends and insights, maintaining compliance, and much more.

Today, we continue this series with Vice President of Security, Rafal Los. Rafal is a well-known industry leader dedicated to telling Armor’s story. This blog will provide a closer look at how he’s telling that story, making Armor stronger, and helping to defend clients.

What is your job title, and what does it entail?

I am the Vice President of Security. It’s an externally-focused role, and the title gives me the privilege of representing Armor to our customers and the industry. Whether it’s helping validate go-to-marketing strategy, investigating new technologies and vendors, assisting with making introductions and telling the Armor story through sales, or meeting with our alliance partners, I get to tell the Armor story, bring feedback to our internal teams, and create the loop that makes Armor better.

What does your day-to-day look like in terms of what you do for Armor?

My day-to-day is never the same. I’m always meeting someone new, flying somewhere new—so it’s always exciting. Whether it’s making a connection for a sales rep with an industry contact, or introducing a partner with someone internally to come up with a creative way to sell together, I’m always getting into something. The key for me is to maximize my time and availability to bring Armor the greatest return on all the time I spend out in the “field.”

What one word would you use to describe your job? Can you expand on why you chose that word?

I often find myself listening to something a customer says, then translating that into something the marketing, sales, or engineering teams can use to build a better Armor. The same goes the other direction‑I often find myself translating things we say, to help customer’s understand. It’s never a dull day.

What pain points do many of your customers have?

I believe the vast majority of our customer base has the same two problems.

First is the absolute need for a mature approach to operating their security strategy in a scalable, dependable, and efficient manner—but without the financial ability, staff, or expertise to “DIY.”

Second, there is too much noise in the marketplace. Every vendor sounds the same, and if you listen long enough they’ll promise to solve everything that ails you. Ultimately, what customers want is the capability, not the specific tool. They need to hammer a nail in, and they don’t care who makes the hammer, or whether it’s the best hammer on the market, just as long as the job is done.

How do you address those pain points?

I believe that this is exactly the purpose Armor was built around—these are the two biggest market needs Armor is being built to address right now. So it’s less about how I address these and how I can explain to the customer or prospect that this is exactly what they get from Armor.

What are some pain-points in your day-to-day? How do you address or overcome them?

Time—there isn’t enough of it. I try and maximize how much time I can spend at my computer, balancing that with human interaction and personal time, but it’s a tightrope walk, for sure.

How is your role evolving as the threat landscape and/or cloud landscape evolves?

I have no choice but to keep up with the news, trends, and industry rumors. I’m finding myself out of the office more than in my previous role building the pre-sales team, but it’s exciting. As Armor evolves, so does my role.

Where do you see the industry in 5 years from now?

2024—unfortunately, I’ve been around long enough to know security is a thing that won’t be solved. However, I think companies like Armor will thrive as the need for, and ability to deliver measurable security outcomes continues to be in-demand.

Like many of the stories we’ve heard in this series, Rafal’s role and experience offers a unique perspective as to why there’s an undying need for the human element of cybersecurity. Continue to stay tuned as we share more insight from our world-class team and their “Day in the Life” at Armor.

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