Armor CEO to Forbes: Hacking Made Personal

Their motives, exploits and targets may be of the modern age, but we’ve seen their criminal concepts many times before.

That’s the belief of Forbes contributor Tony Bradley, who published an insightful piece, “Cybercrime Is The Modern-Day Mafia”, on the similarities between traditional organized crime practices and the activities of today’s cyber criminals and malicious groups.

Bradley aligns today’s DDoS attacks and ransomware tactics as nothing but “protection money” from the mafias of years’ past. The main difference is their new digital leverage.

“The Ashley Madison hack changed the game because it made hacking personal,” Armor Founder and CEO Chris Drake told Forbes. “Once the private details of your life are at stake, you’re much more willing to do whatever a hacker wants — even if it means paying a ransom to keep your secrets safe.”

Bradley further wonders why it took so long for criminals to evolve from the cliché movie motives to modern Web-based objectives. And like the criminal unrest of the past, how will the greater community respond or collaborate for protection? Read the full story.

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