Armor’s New Global Partner Program: Strengthening Focus. Expanding Opportunity.

The Armor team has always been about innovation. Our secure cloud is an industry-first and has proven reliable for companies and organizations across industries and geographies. In recent years, we’ve seen cybersecurity go through a seismic shift in the midst of broad cloud adoption and we’ve been at the forefront. That’s why we’ve developed solutions specifically geared toward the cloud, with an emphasis on retail, healthcare, banking and other segments where transactions include exchanging personal data. From Armor Complete to Armor Anywhere, security is engrained in our unique approach.

We redefined the way companies securely operate in the cloud with dwell times setting the industry standard at 100 times less than the average of 147 days. That means that threats can be more quickly detected and mitigated, which makes a huge difference when a company’s sensitive data is on the line. But most important, our technology is backed by some of the most passionate and experienced professionals in the entire field. And, we are relentless about making sure businesses around the world have access to what we believe is the most secure cloud environment available.

To help provide our solutions to those who need them most, we work with an extensive network of talented channel partners to lead the charge. Armor provides peace of mind to their customers with the confidence that sensitive data is protected by one of the most trusted names in cybersecurity. As we’ve continued to grow, we have strived to simplify this process and offer solutions that help them close deals faster, with greater margins. To that end, we are evolving and strengthening our partner support with an all new Global Partner Program.

Our new program will dramatically enhance our partners’ “Armor experience” as we work together to keep user data as safe as possible. We have a variety of new resources to help them drive sales, learn security best practices, and better understand how we can help them maximize market opportunities.

We look forward to launching this global initiative, as well as refining it along the way as we work with partners toward constant improvement. At Armor, we’re committed to the success of our partners and customers, and we go above and beyond to make it happen.

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