Case Study: Armored Info

Despite what the news cycle might lead you to believe, PHI, credit card data and health records are not the only targets for threat actors. One of the most rapidly growing areas of cyber crime is the theft of intellectual property (IP). Deloitte conducted a poll in which 58% of respondents said they believe IP theft will increase over the coming 12 months.

IP theft is as relevant for those in the entertainment and media industries as in any other industry. Artists who create, collaborate and share content with multiple parties and freelancers are a large part of this creative community. Unfortunately, piracy issues, such as releases of scripts, albums and films, as well as studio hacks, happen all too often – leaving creators and artists without recourse.

For this reason, creatives need a secure platform where they can collaborate without concern for IP theft. Understanding this need, Michael and Jonathan Fahey launched Armored Info (no relation to Armor) with one mission: defend the artists.

The company has made an incredible difference in the collaboration and sharing of creative work with ZDNet reporting that Armored Info blocks 250 million attacks monthly against their clients. In addition, Armored Info’s dwell time is less than two days, or 100 times shorter than the industry average.

Expanding protection

Their plans for the platform don’t just stop at protecting creative expression. Rather, Armored Info is poised to expand its protection to any organization with valuable IP to protect.

As an increasingly valuable commodity, IP theft targets more than movie scripts or unreleased albums, it has the potential to devastate businesses with significant capital invested in their IP. Stolen IP can include government agency blueprints, pharmaceutical research, employee training plans, trade secrets or any other sensitive material.

Collaborating on security

However, Armored Info couldn’t accomplish the development of this secure platform on its own. They needed a trusted security partner to help them, and after evaluating 32 providers, they chose Armor and the world’s most secure cloud environment, Armor Complete.

Read our full case study to learn how Armor Complete secures collaboration and creation on Armored Info’s innovative platform.
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Armored Info found that of all the potential cyber security partners they considered, Armor was the most equipped to thwart advanced cyber threats and provide the infrastructure needed to build and sustain their platform.

With Armored Info, artists and organizations can rest assured that their creations are secure from IP theft. With security provided by Armor has allowed Armored Info to focus on the development of a secure media platform that will benefit all. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

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