Consulting Partner Private Offer

Business decision makers shopping for software or solutions to ultimately enhance and protect their bottom line are no different than average consumers purchasing products off a shelf. Customers of any kind want the same things from a shopping perspective these days: a fast, frictionless experience and a reliable consultant when necessary. The AWS Marketplace is known for providing customers with this exact experience, and now Armor customers can enjoy the same.

Consulting Partner Private Offer (CPPO) provides AWS customers the capability to purchase third-party software solutions directly through Consulting Partners, whose focus is to provide services revolving around their specializations and core competencies. This allows customers and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to lean on Consulting Partners to leverage their value-add services for a wide range of applicable initiatives as they relate to AWS.

Armor has become an authorized reseller in the AWS Marketplace. This allows Consulting Partners to engage with Armor and consume software licensing at wholesale prices and enable high-volume transactions through negotiated discounted consumption pricing.

As a Consulting Partner, you can customize pricing and end-user licensing terms as well as layer professional services to extend an offer to your customers via Seller Private Offers. This allows you to effectively compensate field teams and manage customer relationships at scale more seamlessly.

Simplified billing and disbursement are realized as the AWS Marketplace manages operations for both ISV and Consulting Partner. The utilization and transactions are available in the monthly bill provided by AWS.

By leveraging Armor Anywhere as the security wrapper from a compliance and security posture perspective, Consulting Partners can alleviate security risk and concern by their customers to ensure they are migrating to the cloud more securely and at a higher velocity. That way the proper guardrails are being provided for their customer’s journey to the cloud—or as it already exists—with AWS.

To begin addressing the security, risk, and compliance requirements of your customers as an AWS Consulting Partner, allow Armor to provide the necessary Security-as-a-Service to address these parameters for your customer’s Cloud journey. Reach out to Armor today to become an authorized reseller and begin instilling confidence in the domain of security for your customers in AWS today.

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