Gartner Cloud-Enabled Managed Hosting Magic Quadrant Welcomes FireHost!

Another milestone on the FireHost (now Armor) journey achieved via its inclusion in the above-named MQ. We appreciate the recognition. It validates what responsible customers of ours already know – that security and compliance are indispensable for companies doing business in the cloud.

Armor’s inclusion in Gartner’s MQ also is a key indicator of a broader cloud industry trend. It’s a trend I commented on in previous posts – the emergence of specialization within the cloud-enabled managed hosting provider market. The Gartner MQ recognizes success, growth, revenue, industry impact, customer feedback, analyst opinions; and all that goes into the blender of consideration and out of that comes the companies recognized for the MQ. So, why Armor?

We are laser-focused on improving our customers’ abilities to easily achieve regulatory compliance amidst ever-increasing risks of data breaches and other security attacks. We reduce risk for companies by helping them meet compliance requirements with the industry’s most secure cloud environment. We help them reduce risk so they can dedicate their time and energy focusing on growing their business.

Thanks again Gartner, we appreciate the recognition. We also want to thank our customers; I know your input played a major role in this recognition. We are committed to delivering specialized, secure cloud offerings to our customers. Finally, thank you to the Armor security experts who are dedicated to protecting and serving our customers.

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