DALLASAugust 4, 2020 Armor®, a leading global cloud security software company, announced today that Azure native logs have been added to the list of data sources the Armor Anywhere security platform will ingest and correlate against cyberthreats.

Armor Anywhere provides organizations with unparalleled workload protection by analyzing and correlating data from hundreds of log sources against current and emerging threats.  These data sources not only include cloud-native logs from AWS, Azure, and other cloud platforms, but logs from security devices and network appliances.

Equally as important to Armor’s customers is the ability to view and manage all of the cyber events across their environment from one central location. Armor enables this “single pane of glass” capability through its management portal.

Ingesting and correlating Azure native log sources:

  • Enhances Armor’s ability to detect and respond to threats targeting a customer’s Azure workloads.
  • Helps organizations manage the security of their hybrid and multi-cloud deployments from one central location (a single pane of glass) via the Armor Management Portal.
  • Accelerates the customer’s adherence to key compliance mandates such as the requirement to monitor and log security events generated by a customer’s Intrusion Detection or Intrusion Prevention System.

“Every day we are seeing more of our customers move their workloads to multi-cloud environments.  In order to continue to provide them with the very best security we needed to add cloud-native logs to the data sources our platform consumes and analyzes,” said Mark Woodward, Armor CEO. “We started with AWS logs and have now added Azure logs. The response from our customers and partners, such as Crayon, has been tremendous. With our robust technology, combined with Crayon’s exceptional skill at designing and managing multi-cloud and hybrid cloud deployments, we can future-proof the security and optimization of any workload anywhere. “

“Armor’s decision to support Azure native logs could not come at a better time. Just as Armor is seeing companies migrate their workloads to multi-cloud environments, we too are seeing a spike in the number of customers seeking help in designing, implementing, securing and managing a hybrid cloud or multi-cloud IT environment,” said Regina Manfredi, Senior Vice President, U.S. Sales for Crayon. “If a cloud environment is not secure and/or does not meet required compliance regulations, then this exposes a company to great risk. Robust and comprehensive security is a must, and we are delighted to have Armor as our security partner.”

About Armor
Armor is a global cybersecurity software company that simplifies protecting data and applications in private, public, hybrid, or multi-cloud environments. Armor Anywhere provides technology to detect and respond to threats and can be activated in minutes.  Armor also helps organizations comply to major regulatory frameworks and controls. Armor combines workload protection, analytics from cloud-native sources, and other security data to provide unparalleled insight into threats facing organizations. Armor’s cybersecurity experts monitor customer environments 24/7/365 and if an attack takes place, helps customers respond quickly and effectively. Armor protects over 1000 customers in over 40 countries. To learn more, visit  www.armor.com or follow @armor on Twitter.

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