DALLAS February 14, 2019. Armor®, a leading cloud security solutions provider, announced today that SaRA Health, a cutting-edge healthcare technology startup company, has chosen Armor’s managed security-as-a-service  (SECaaS) platform, Armor Anywhere,  to protect its patients’ data stored in the AWS cloud.

SaRA Health’s Simplifying Recovery Assistant (SaRA) application provides physical and occupational therapy patients with digitized home exercise plans, personalized notifications and reminders from their  healthcare provider. The application also gives the patient’s therapist and assisting clinicians a way to monitor the patient’s progress remotely and adjust recovery plans from their laptop or mobile device.  The application launched in January of this year, and 14 physical and occupational therapists and their patients are already utilizing the digital tool.

“More than half of physical therapy patients do not follow through on their treatment programs. Our company’s overall goal is to reduce patient recovery times and provide personalized patient care in a safe and secure manner,” said SaRA Health CEO Steven Coen.

“Many emerging companies establish themselves without thinking about security, and it becomes a significant  issue that can stall growth,” continued Coen. “We knew that we wanted to build a secure business from the outset, so our patients’ data is protected regardless of what size we are.”

SaRA Health’s leadership made the decision to host their IT infrastructure in the AWS cloud because of AWS’ innovative approach to prioritizing HIPAA compliance for the tools they release. “Our biggest concern was ultimately being responsible for protecting our application and patients’ Personally Identifiable Information (PII) against any cyber threats and what we didn’t know,” Coen said. “For a startup, our existence depends on it.”

SaRA Health inevitably selected the Armor Anywhere solution. The Armor Anywhere platform strengthens and unifies security for public, on-premise, private, and hybrid cloud environments. With Armor Anywhere, organizations can meet a significant number of HIPAA/HITECH requirements, from log management to malware protection to file integrity monitoring.

“When we looked at the market, we saw there were a lot of different tools out there, but what we really liked about Armor was the transparency and simplicity of deploying their security agents in our cloud,” Coen said, noting that Armor increased their speed to market by 15-20%. The development team could then focus on getting the application ready to launch instead of having to develop security solutions to protect PII.

“Armor gives us a lot of visibility into our infrastructure and our technology via their dashboard, the Armor Management Portal (AMP).  It provides us with all the tactical information to fix an issue before it becomes a problem, and it gives us a ranking for each situation in a digestible manner,” continued Coen.  “It is very powerful.”

“SaRA Health is a very progressive company, not only in regard to the healthcare technology they are developing but in their overall approach to securing their patients’ data, their applications and their overall IT environment,” said Mark Woodward, Armor CEO. “SaRA Health has gone beyond just meeting the mandated HIPAA/HITECH compliance regulations, they are employing comprehensive security solutions to ensure that their patient data, healthcare applications and IT environment are protected at every stage of their business, which shows great foresight and security maturity.  Armor is honored to be SaRA Health’s cybersecurity partner.”

About Armor
Armor is a cloud security company that takes the complexity out of protecting your data, whether it resides in a private, public, or hybrid cloud—or in an on-premise IT environment. We provide managed security solutions that give you a clear picture of threats facing your organization. This allows us to provide you with the people and security resources to stop attacks before they happen and react quickly and effectively when they do, keeping your data safe and compliant. Wherever you are on your cloud journey, Armor can help. We make cybersecurity simple. To learn more,  www.armor.com follow @armor on Twitter.

About SaRA Health

SaRA, your Simplifying Recovery Assistant, is the most effective platform for reducing recovery times by empowering patients and providers through a scalable approach to personalized care. Founded by a team of patients and researchers currently based in Kansas City, the SaRA platform is HIPAA compliant and removes the biggest barriers to home recovery exercise compliance resulting in proven shortened recovery times. Our employer clients benefit through reduced cost for workers compensation by providing better care for their employees. Contact info@sara.health or visit www.sarahealth.io to learn more.

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