Armor Anywhere Enables Immediate Protection for Cloud Workloads and Enhances Cloud Native Security Controls 

DALLAS – Jan. 22, 2018 – Traditional business models and the delivery of services are changing as small and midsize businesses demand more from providers to meet evolving requirements and cloud needs. In order to rapidly deliver and strengthen security controls to workloads on the public cloud, Armor, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Technology Partner, today announced the availability of the Armor Anywhere solution in AWS Marketplace with new consumption-based pricing and enhanced log management services.

“The market for cloud-based security services is expected to total close to $9 billion by 2020[1]. To us, this signals an increased dependence on cloud offerings and demand for additional security controls,” said founder and CEO Chris Drake, Armor. “There now lies a unique opportunity to accelerate the delivery of additional security features to cloud, and AWS customers now have the ability to further increase the breadth of their security controls and prevent downtime with simple and immediate deployment of Armor Anywhere.”

For increased cost optimization and maximum flexibility on the cloud, Armor is now offering consumption-based pricing. Clients can pay as they go with a new pricing model that no longer charges for unused services.

“When architecting an AWS cloud solution, Cloudticity has always taken a thorough approach to ensure every component has been well thought out, executed and then delivered to clients as efficiently as possible,” said Gerry Miller, founder and CEO of Cloudticity, a key Armor partner in the Healthcare industry. “Armor’s ‘security first’ approach compliments AWS solutions, so we know that our clients’ environments are secured from day one. We look forward to offering Armor’s new pay-as-you-go pricing option, which furthers the benefits and convenience of the AWS Marketplace offerings.”

Powered by Spartan, one of the industry’s leading threat prevention and response platform for private, hybrid and public cloud environments, Armor Anywhere now features new logging capabilities that consumes, consolidates and correlates data from any device, providing actionable insights to eliminate threats. Additionally, the solution supports Amazon GuardDuty, AWS CloudTrail and, Amazon CloudWatch. Mutual clients will have the ability to extend security controls that can be deployed across all cloud environments, providing visibility across numerous ecosystems.

For more information regarding Armor’s offering, please, visit the AWS Marketplace.

[1] Gartner, Inc., Market Trends: Global Demand for Cloud-Based Security Is Growing Through 2020, Ruggero Contu, April 5, 2017.


About Armor
Armor protects customers’ vital assets and helps prevent data breaches through managed multi-layer security for public and private clouds. The Armor team also applies extensive military cyber security experience for proactive threat detection, response and remediation. Forward-thinking organizations trust Armor for data security and compliance to stay ahead of cyber threats in the cloud. To learn more, visit or follow @armor.

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