DALLAS— October 7, 2020  Armor®  is a leading global cybersecurity software provider. Its flagship product, Armor Anywhere, provides organizations with threat detection and response and helps them meet their compliance requirements.  Armor Anywhere can protect data and applications from threats no matter where they reside, on-premises, or in public, hybrid,  private, or multi-cloud environments.

Today, Armor released the results of a Total Economic Impact ™  (TEI) study they commissioned from Forrester Consulting. Forrester interviewed four long-time Armor Anywhere customers and found that the organizations saw the following benefits over three years:

  • 774% ROI
  • 64% Reduction in Security Technology Costs
  • 60% Reduction in the Number of Compliance Personnel Needed
  • 90% Reduction in Rate of False Positive Alerts
  • $4.5 Million in New Revenue

“As the Forrester study shows, Armor Anywhere is not only successfully protecting our customers’ data, it is significantly improving their security posture and optimizing their security operations,” said Mark Woodward, Armor CEO. “Using Armor Anywhere, organizations are able to cut their security technology costs, increase their revenues, meet their compliance mandates, and all at a fraction of the cost of many competing solutions. Armor Anywhere is a win-win for our customers, our partners, and Armor”

A healthcare organization, interviewed by Forrester, shared several reasons why they chose Armor as their security partner. “We thought our previous partner was taking care of all of our security needs when in reality all they did was power on a web application firewall and hand it over to us to do the rest. We were collecting logs, but they were just sitting on a server with nobody looking at them,” said the vice president of security.  He went on to add, “It’s very difficult to find all of the right skillsets to manage a security program. Someone who knows firewalls is not necessarily going to be your incident response person, your risk management person, or your access control person.”

The director of information security for another Armor customer, a well-known professional association, said when asked why they chose Armor, “Armor Anywhere is a much more robust cloud solution than what we were using previously. We used to pay a lot more for just cloud monitoring and logging, and now we get that included with a bunch of other things like antivirus, vulnerability scanning, and more.”  He added, “Another vendor quoted us five times the price of Armor Anywhere for essentially the same features.”

The Forrester Total Economic Impact (TEI) study was launched to better understand the benefits, costs, and ROI of Armor Anywhere through Forrester’s TEI framework.  Forrester found that prior to adopting Armor Anywhere, the four customers had used a variety of security point solutions, each fulfilling a specific security function, such as log management or threat detection.  According to Forrester, the effectiveness of the legacy point solutions varied. By engaging Armor Anywhere, the organizations were able to reduce both the technology and personnel expenses associated with building and managing a robust and compliant security program. Because of Armor’s extensive coverage of various security functions, including intrusion detection and prevention, file integrity monitoring, malware protection, log, and data management, vulnerability scanning, and SIEM, organizations could replace much of their existing security stacks with the Armor Anywhere platform. Consequently, these organizations simultaneously reduced the cost of redundant point solutions while simplifying security administration for these solutions.

Quantified Benefits of Armor Anywhere
The following quantified benefits are representative of the four Armor customers interviewed:

  • $4.5 Million in New Revenue Over Three Years— Forrester found that for organizations delivering products and services in highly regulated industries, achieving an additional set of compliance certifications meant being able to transact with a new pool of potential end customers. The Armor customers conservatively estimated being able to do business with an additional 5% of their existing customer base, which resulted in an additional $4.5 million in revenue and a present value of $1.4 million in profit over three years.
  • 64% Reduction in Security Technology Costs Armor Anywhere customers were able to eliminate security solutions in their security stack which were redundant to those security features native to Armor Anywhere. Consequently, these organizations reduced their overall security TCO (total cost of ownership) by 64%.  For these customers, the savings equaled a present value of $862,000 over three years.
  • 60% Reduction in Number of Compliance Team Members Needed —Because the Armor provided the technology and resources to instantly fulfill numerous compliance steps across a number of industrywide mandates, organizations needed fewer internal compliance officers to get and stay compliant throughout the year. Overall, organizations were able to reduce the number of back-office compliance personnel needed by approximately 60%, culminating in a three-year present value of $684,000.
  • 90% Reduction in Rate of False Positive Alerts-Armor analyzes millions of security events and data logs collected from Armor Anywhere, network appliances, and cloud-native sources across a customer’s environment. The data is analyzed and correlated against Armor’s threat intelligence to identify genuine threats facing the organization. Using Armor Anywhere, the customers experienced a 90% reduction in the rate of false-positive alerts.  Over three years, this improvement in alerting accuracy led to operational efficiencies totaling a present value of $264,000.

Costs of Armor Anywhere
The interviewed Armor Anywhere customers experienced the following risk-adjusted present value costs:

  • Armor Anywhere platform fees reflect the cost of software agents deployed across an organization’s infrastructure footprint, and those fees total present value of $347,000 over three years.
  • Implementation and configuration costs include the time and resources required to configure software agents across an organization’s endpoints and to gradually optimize log monitoring and threat alerting with Armor Anywhere. These costs total a three-year present value of $20,000

774% ROI Using Armor Anywhere
Forrester’s interviews with the Armor customers and subsequent financial analysis found that they experienced benefits of $3.2M over three years, versus costs of $367,000, adding up to a net present value (NPV) of $2.8M and an ROI of 774%. To see a full breakdown of the quantified and unquantified benefits of the Armor Anywhere product, please see Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ Study of Armor Anywhere which can be found here.

About Armor
Armor is a global cybersecurity software company that simplifies protecting data and applications in private, public, hybrid, or multi-cloud environments. Armor Anywhere provides technology to detect and respond to threats and can be activated in minutes.  Armor also helps organizations comply with major regulatory frameworks and controls. Armor combines workload protection, analytics from cloud-native sources, and other security data to provide unparalleled insight into threats facing organizations. Armor’s cybersecurity experts monitor customer environments 24/7/365 and if an attack takes place, helps customers respond quickly and effectively. Armor protects over 1000 customers in over 40 countries. To learn more, visit  www.armor.com or follow @armor on Twitter.

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