DALLAS—February 21, 2020 Armor®, a leading global cybersecurity software company, announced today that Oak Creek Tech Innovations and Gather Voices have chosen Armor Anywhere and Armor Automated Security and Compliance to add an additional layer of security for their Amazon Web Services (AWS) workloads and to meet their compliance requirements. Armor Anywhere provides detection and response to intentional attacks being launched against an organization’s environment, while Armor Automated Security and Compliance, powered by Prisma Cloud, enables organizations to resolve any configuration missteps that might leave a company’s cloud environment vulnerable to a breach. Combined, the two are designed to protect against both accidental and intentional threats to cloud environments.

Armor Anywhere provides robust security capabilities and delivers threat detection and response for data and applications in private, public or hybrid cloud environments. It can be installed in minutes and also helps organizations comply with major regulatory frameworks and controls. Armor Automated Security and Compliance, powered by Prisma Cloud® (a Palo Alto Networks product), is a continuous cloud security and compliance posture management for hybrid cloud environments. By implementing a combination of the two, Oak Creek Tech Innovations and Gather Voices are receiving cloud-native security analytics, continual monitoring for configuration changes, reporting and advanced threat detection.

Armor customer Gather Voices (www.gathervoices.co) has developed a video solution which helps organizations easily collect, manage and share video content, thus greatly enhancing the company’s ability to market and enhance their brand through video. Hosted on AWS, Gather Voices’ video solution is used by organizations in many different industries, including the healthcare and legal sectors. As such, Gather Voices must ensure that the video content it helps collect and manage is not only secure but also meets its clients’ compliance requirements. This was the catalyst for Gather Voices to seek out the Armor.

“We have clients in a variety of industries, and rightly so, many of them are very conscious about privacy and security concerns,” said Michael Hoffman, Gather Voices CEO. “For example, our healthcare clients require that we be HITRUST certified or HIPAA compliant, and in general, our clients’ concerns around privacy and security are even more heightened when they hear news of a recent data breach or ransomware attack. We also have customers in the legal industry, who can be subject to audits regarding the security and privacy protections they have put in place. Even our clients, who are smaller and less regulated, are feeling the pressure to have a strong security posture because when there is news that a company has suffered a breach or a cyberattack, nobody wants to be that company.”

Oak Creek Tech Innovations (www.oakcreektechinnovations.com) is the maker of CaseConnect, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for the workers’ compensation medical case management and patient advocacy markets. Hosting their software on AWS, Oak Creek Tech Innovations chose Armor to add an additional layer of security to its development environment, while also ensuring that their IT systems and solutions are adhering to the HIPAA compliance mandates.

“Armor helped us secure our networks and automate the HIPAA compliance requirement of our SaaS solution for workers compensation case management,” said Oak Creek Tech Innovations CEO Rich Pflederer. “The implementation of Armor Anywhere and Armor’s offering powered by Prisma Cloud was outstanding, with the entire process, start to finish, completed in two weeks.”

“AWS Security Competency Partners play a vital role in helping customers protect their cloud workloads with cybersecurity solutions that provide additional layers of security and flexibility,” said Rohit Gupta, Global Segment Leader, Security, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “We are delighted to see Armor and Palo Alto Networks working together to deliver continuous compliance to AWS customers while leveraging Prisma Cloud and AWS Security Hub.”

“AWS is responsible for securing their cloud infrastructure, and it is the responsibility of their cloud customers to protect their data,” said Josh Bosquez, Armor Chief Technology Officer. “By utilizing Armor’s market-leading cloud security and compliance products, these two unique companies have put the right defenses in place to ensure that they are compliant and that they are protected from both external threats and cloud misconfigurations.”

About Armor
Armor is a global cybersecurity software company that simplifies protecting data and applications in private, public or hybrid cloud environments. Armor Anywhere provides technology to detect and respond to threats and can be activated in minutes. Armor also helps organizations comply with major regulatory frameworks and controls. Armor combines workload protection, analytics from cloud-native sources, and other security data to provide unparalleled insight into threats facing organizations. Armor’s cybersecurity experts monitor customer environments 24/7/365 and if an attack takes place, help customers respond quickly and effectively. Armor protects over 1000 customers in over 40 countries.

To learn more, visit  www.armor.com or follow @armor on Twitter.

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