DALLAS – Armor®, a leading cloud security solutions provider, announced today that the Quint Group, a global leader and operator of a portfolio of online consumer financial technology businesses, has migrated all of its IT infrastructure to Armor’s secure cloud hosting solution, Armor Anywhere with secure hosting.

Based in the U.K., the Quint Group first began working with Armor in 2017 just as they were expanding their Monevo business to the U.S. Monevo had already established itself as Europe’s largest lending marketplace and platform, where over 160 lenders have access to over $10bn of consumer credit applications annually. According to Quint, it was critical that the cloud hosting provider they chose was able to protect the personally-identifiable information (PII) of the thousands of customers who use and trust the Monevo platform. Also crucial was that the cloud provider be able to scale with Monevo’s growing business and be able to provide continuous and prompt availability of their technology.

Quint Group CIO Sam Colclough explained how  “speed” is vital when it comes to getting a customer’s search results back to them while they are in the process of looking for a loan.  “If  a consumer has to wait too long for a result, they may close their browser and give up, and that negatively affects our business,” said Colclough.  “Thus, we were very pleased to find that after migrating over to Armor, we saw a 10% to 15% improvement in the performance of our Monevo platform.”

In November 2017, after nine months of successfully working together in the U.S., the Quint Group and Armor mapped out a plan whereby the IT environments for each of the Quint Group’s businesses (which previously had been hosted in various locations and with different vendors) were consolidated into Armor’s secure hosting platform. And because Armor has different data centers located across the U.S., U.K, Europe and the Far East, Armor is able to host data in different regions, thus ensuring that the Quint Group meets any local data sovereignty requirements which exist.

“Armor’s ability to maintain high levels of availability and performance improved the efficiency of all of our businesses,” said Colclough, “and its commitment to security has allowed us to meet and exceed the mandates of regulations like GDPR and PCI. It was also very important to us, our customers and our business partners to know that we had Armor’s highly-skilled security analysts in place monitoring our IT environments every minute of every day for any suspicious activity.  Should an issue arise, Armor’s team of incident responders are immediately ready to assist.”

After witnessing the breadth of Armor’s security, compliance and hosting capabilities, it made sense to move all of their IT infrastructure to Armor, said Colclough.

“This decision enabled us to quickly achieve a high-level of security across all our businesses without having to do it all in-house,” said Colclough. “Plus, we don’t have to manage a separate security program for each of our business environments, which saves us countless time and resources, enabling us to focus on our core business:  providing our customers with the very best consumer financial offerings in the market.”

“Fast-growing, progressive businesses like the Quint Group need a cloud security partner who can ensure that their financial platforms are available and protected 24/7/365,” said Mark Woodward, Armor CEO.  “This way they can focus their time and resources on continuing to innovate, and in turn, provide their customers with secure, best-of-breed financial solutions.  Armor is honored to be chosen as the Quint Group’s cloud security provider, and we look forward too many more years of working together.”

To read more about how the Quint Group and Armor are working together, please see the Quint Group case study.

About the Quint Group

Based in the UK and with presence in the USA, Poland, China, South Africa and Australia. Quint is a multi-award-winning operator of Fintech businesses founded in early 2009. Quint uses proprietary technologies to power a portfolio of leading online Fintech businesses in the consumer credit sector.

About Armor
Armor is a cloud security company that takes the complexity out of protecting your data, whether it resides in a private, public, or hybrid cloud—or in an on-premise IT environment. We provide managed security solutions that give you a clear picture of threats facing your organization. This allows us to provide you with the people and security resources to stop attacks before they happen and react quickly and effectively when they do, keeping your data safe and compliant. Wherever you are on your cloud journey, Armor can help. We make cybersecurity simple. To learn more, visit www.armor.com or follow @armor on Twitter.

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