Leading Microsoft Cloud-focused Managed Services Provider Teams Up with Cybersecurity Expert to Deliver Unparalleled Security Solutions

MIAMI, FL — November 30, 2023. Henson Group, a prominent player in the Microsoft cloud ecosystem, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Armor, a leading cybersecurity provider, aimed at fortifying the security posture of enterprises transitioning to cloud-native platforms. The collaboration is set to launch in December 2023, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of cybersecurity and managed services.

Our collaboration with Armor signifies a commitment to delivering unparalleled security solutions as organizations embrace cloud-native platforms. The combination of Henson Group’s expertise in Azure and Armor’s expertise in threat analytics positions us as a formidable force in safeguarding our customers’ Azure environments.

Chris Savage, Chief Technology Officer, Henson Group

Henson Group and Armor are forging a strategic partnership to empower organizations globally, with a specific focus on safeguarding enterprises’ operations in Azure. The collaboration combines the extensive Managed Services experience and deep cybersecurity knowledge of both entities, with a primary emphasis on delivering robust Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solutions.

These solutions are designed for proactive threat detection through advanced analytics and alerting, ensuring the swift identification and mitigation of evolving cybersecurity threats. The alliance facilitates rapid incident response by combining Henson Group’s real-time hands-on keyboard remediation with Armor’s incident threat analytics. This collaborative approach not only minimizes the impact of security breaches but also ensures continuous monitoring and management of the IT environment to address vulnerabilities and emerging threats promptly.

We are excited to partner with the Henson Group to address the evolving cybersecurity needs of enterprises in an era of digital transformation. Together, we leverage our combined strengths in managing and securing Microsoft technologies, ensuring customers not only benefit from robust support but also from solutions tailored to their evolving long-term needs.

Derek Boxdell, Head of Sales, Armor

Enterprises can rest assured that their time and investments remain secure. This comprehensive strategy underscores the commitment of Henson Group and Armor to deliver proactive, adaptive, and industry-tailored cybersecurity solutions in the dynamic landscape of modern IT threats.

For more information about the partnership between Henson Group and Armor, please visit hensongroup.com and armor.com.

About Henson Group
Henson Group is the industry’s leading provider of Intelligent Managed Services and unrivaled expertise in cutting-edge OpenAI solutions. With a customer-centric approach, The Henson Group goes beyond traditional managed services by offering end-to-end solutions encompassing the entire OpenAI and machine learning journey. From designing and creating your environment to building out your AI capabilities and from continuous monitoring and maintenance to ensuring robust security 24/7/365, we are your trusted partner at every step. As an Azure Expert MSP, we bring extensive knowledge and experience in harnessing the power of Microsoft Azure to drive innovation and maximize the potential of your organization’s technology infrastructure.

About Armor
Armor, is a global leader in cloud-native managed detection and response. As a trusted partner to over 1,500 firms in over 40 countries, Armor offers cybersecurity and compliance consulting, professional services, and managed services. Armor safeguards endpoint, network, server, and cloud environments against malicious threats seeking to infiltrate and disrupt businesses while providing unparalleled insight into security risks customers may face.

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