July 22, 2020

As the nature of threats continue to evolve as well as the volume of threats increase, a new reality is setting upon cybersecurity teams – automation. Paired with human error and the insurmountable amount of data to manage, it is inevitable that a potential threat will slip through the cracks for businesses who rely too heavily on manual process. 

Implementing automation could be vital in order to reliably protect your organization and ensure resilience through robust and repeatable processes.

 Join our leading security and product development experts to learn:

  • How Armor effectively uses automation to keep our customers secure
  • Key security considerations when implementing automation programs
  • Advice for how companies can begin finding success with AI and machine learning

Featured Speaker

Paul Sroufe, Director of Application Engineering, Armor

Paul Sroufe is Director of Application Development for the Security and Data engineering teams at Armor.  He is responsible for data lake architecture, security outcomes, SIEM management, and portal visibility on the Armor platform.   Paul has more than 13 years experience working in security, compliance, automation, and development.  He received his Masters in Computer Science from the University of North Texas where he published works on security email analysis and botnet detection using machine learning models.





Michael Mayes, Sr. Writer & Researcher, Armor

Michael Mayes is a senior writer and researcher at Armor in Richardson, Texas. His career in technology communications includes work with the Human Genome Project, handheld software during the Palm and Pocket PC era, blockchain development, and cybersecurity. He began his research in black markets in 2013 during a PhD year in professional and technical writing at the University of Memphis where he wrote on the early days of Bitcoin and its defining proof of concept, the Silk Road.







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