With the start of the new year comes newly passed laws and regulations that businesses need to prepare and adhere to. And this year is a BIG ONE for cybersecurity and privacy professionalsthe California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).  

The CCPA is the first sweeping legislation in the U.S. to give consumers control over how their personal information is used online and may signal how other states will seek to protect their residents’ privacy. Essentially, the CCPA takes a broader view than the European GDPR of what constitutes private data. The challenge for security, then, is to locate and secure that private data. 

Join our host Michael Mayes, Sr. Writer & Researcher at Armor, as he meets with leading compliance and security professionals Mike Annand and Carlin Dornbusch to discuss:  

  • The basics of CCPA 
  • Building foundational privacy program 
  • The privacy paradigm of legislation like CCPA & GDPR and their impact on businesses  
  • Challenges and recommendations 

Featured Speakers

Mike Annand, Director of Customer Compliance, Armor 

Mike Annand serves as the Director of Customer Compliance at Armor. Mike has over 20 years of IT Operations and Compliance-related experience. He is a trusted advisor to Armor prospects and customers on PCI, HIPAA, HITRUST, ISO-27001, and SOC. Mike has spent time implementing security controls in the retail, banking and energy sectors, as well as several years as a security assessor and practice manager.



Carlin Dornbusch, President & CISSP, American Cyber Security Management

Carlin Dornbusch is an innovative leader in Cybersecurity and Data Privacy. His company, American Cyber Security Management, brings proven methods, best-in-class tools, and deep knowledge of data privacy and security standards to every client engagement. ACSM excels at creating custom privacy and security programs to meet the demands of modern threats and emerging compliance. Carlin serves as an IAPP Denver KnowledgeNet CoChair, ISSA Denver Special Interest Group leader, and an active member of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA). Carlin also holds an active Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certificate from ISC2.



Michael Mayes, Sr. Writer & Researcher, Armor

Michael Mayes is a senior writer and researcher at Armor in Richardson, Texas. His career in technology communications includes work with the Human Genome Project, handheld software during the Palm and Pocket PC era, blockchain development, and cybersecurity. He began his research in black markets in 2013 during a PhD year in professional and technical writing at the University of Memphis where he wrote on the early days of Bitcoin and its defining proof of concept, the Silk Road.



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